Guiding yin yoga teachers-to-be

A new opportunity for me made itself known by 2 invitations of yin yoga teacher training programs arriving within the space of a few days. And I said yes to both of them.

For one of my home studios in Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Yogaschool, I will be guiding the teachers-to-be for half a day into my experience and values as a teacher. During this I will also use the time with them to explain the yang side of a yin yoga practice.

For my dear friend Ingrid Groot, who is organising a new yin yoga teacher training for Yoga Dreams in Zaandam, I get to spend 3 half days with the people there. The recurring theme will be slowness, adaptivity, and introspection within the yin practice.

And yes. There will be Dragons.


YogaFest Studio, worth the trip

Since last September, I’ve added a new studio to my teaching schedule. This new place, called YogaFest Studio, is very inspiring and supportive. It’s located at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, which is not my home town, but I think it’s worth it to make the trip.

The studio has a number of different yoga rooms, where different styles are taught. I’m teaching a yin class on Friday mornings (9:30) in Studio Air, the room located on the top floor. There’s everything you’d like to have for a supported yin class – mats, blankets, various sizes of bolsters. Which is quite a luxury because not all studios can easily store all those props.

Apart from a yin class you can participate in styles like vinyasa, hatha, kundalini & ashtanga. There’s a strong daily ashtanga mysore practice from 7 to 9 in the morning, my personal favourite. A lot of internationally acclaimed teachers are invited to teach at YogaFest Studio, like Mauricio Victorica, Laruga Glaser, Mark Robberds.

If you don’t live near the studio, I’d still recommend visiting sometime. Beautiful place, strong teachers, and before or after a yoga class you can get a really good selection of bites and drinks in the cafe on the ground floor.

YogaFest Studio
Westerpark, Haarlemmerweg 4
Schedule here

Yoga & Men

My friend & fellow yoga teacher Johan Noorloos wrote a new book titled ‘Yoga & Men’ (Dutch title: Yoga & Mannen), and you might see a familiair shape on the cover… Perhaps a nice Christmas gift? An invitation for all fathers, sons, brothers, friends, husbands. Athletes, cops, musicians, engineers, presidents. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.
Check out a few of the pages here. Only in Dutch available though… for now.

Intro to Yin Yoga at Funbase

A playground for adults, why aren’t there more of those? People coming to Funbase enjoy the non-judgmental atmosphere and just play around like kids. They can do board games, nerf gun battles, ball pit swimming, computer games, and other stuff to unwind and relax.

I was invited by the owner of Funbase to give Yin Yoga as a part of their Slow Play Saturday schedule. A themed day of slowing down, stepping away from ambition. What better place to introduce Yin Yoga?

The Zen Room (Funbase already had one!) was quickly transformed to a proper place for yoga, with the help of Daandasana Yoga Studio‘s mats & props. The plants & wooden decoration made the place a perfect environment to come to peace.

Every session was accessible for up to 5 students, whom I guided through an introductory class of an hour. For most of the Funbase members yoga was a new experience, but the reactions were awesome! Some right away interested in where to get more from what they just had, others buzzing about what they felt or how they felt. It might just become a repeating item for Funbase to host…

A visit to Hot Yoga Studio ‘t Gooi, Oct 2nd

For the first time I will visit the Hot Yoga Studio ‘t Gooi, owned by my friend Sharon. On Sunday Oct 2nd I’ll host the workshop Playing With Dragons, and teach a Bikram yoga class afterwards. The workshop is a lot of yin yoga, a bit of yang at the end, and will be in Dutch this time. Signups go via

Sunday October 2nd

13:30 – 16:00 Playing With Dragons workshop (€30)
17:00 – 18:30 Bikram yoga class (regular studio fee)

Handy links:
About Playing with Dragons

Playing with Dragons in Zandvoort, July 10th

The Dragon pose from yin yoga is a deep hip opener and the foundation of the workshop. Join us for a playful practice!

Date: Sunday July 10th, from 14:30 until 17:00
Location: Daandasana Yoga, Thorbeckestraat 5 Zandvoort
Price: € 30 (cash before start)
Sign up: via

Things To Know:
* the room is a comfortable 30 degrees (infrared heating)
* all levels welcome
* mats, towels and props are provided by the studio
* showers available
* maximum 20 participants
* short walk from train station Zandvoort

More about Playing With Dragons